Top seven Mother’s Day bottles to sip, serve and gift this year


Catching up with mum on Sunday 10 March? Then you might want to consider bringing something delicious. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite celebratory spirits and sparkling wines to make her day. Because whether it’s as a gift or to serve as a treat, we all know mums deserve deliciousness. 

Mother’s Day is coming up fast. Which means family gatherings up and down the land, and a chance for us all to treat our mums to something a little bit special. Stereotypically this might look like flowers, chocolates or a pink gin. We say it's time to think again. Make Mother’s Day 2024 the time you treat her to some serious flavour – because mums like all manner of wines and spirits, not just the pink, shiny stuff. 

With that in mind, we scoured the warehouse shelves, debated long and hard, and devised a joint list of eight bottles across the wines and spirits spectrum that lean from playing it safe (whatever the occasion, who doesn’t love fizz?) to pushing the flavour boat out.   

We think any of these bottles will make her day. Now you’ve just got to decide whether to wrap it up as a gift or have it as something to share. Why can’t favourite children be rewarded with something delicious?!  

Angel’s Envy

Why we love it: Finished bourbons are pretty unusual. It might be a common practice in Scotland, but for a whole load of reasons, bourbon makers haven’t played about much with the influence of these short, secondary maturations. Step forward Angel’s Envy, which is even scarcer with its Port barrel-finished production! 

Why your mum will love it: If she’s an American whiskey fan, this is guaranteed to thrill. The classic vanilla and sweet caramel flavours of a bourbon are amped up with the addition of big fruit notes and a rich nuttiness from the Port wood. The line detailing on the glass bottle will make an impact, too.  

Octomore 14.1

Why we love it: Big. Bold. Islay. Smoke. Need we say anything more? Actually, we’d quite like to, because while this is undoubtedly a youthful, exuberant whisky, it’s got complexity, too. The bourbon cask lets the green, citrussy distillate come through. Also, it’s just really good fun. 

Why your mum will love it: If you know your mother loves peated whisky, get her this. If she loves the more savoury side of things and is big into bold flavours, get her this. If she enjoys mezcal and has shown an interest in Scotch, get her this. In short, if she’s not put off by phenols, Octomore is great. 

Woven No. 14 Kaleidoscopic

Why we love it: A whisky for the thinkers. Pete, the blender at Woven, loves to experiment with his whisky creations, usually trying to capture a mood or concept through flavour. He’s done more than that with Kaleidoscopic, which feels like a living, breathing, vibrant expression with its dancing elements and interconnecting textures. A masterpiece. 

Why your mum will love it: Most mums love a chat – and if this whisky pairs with anything, it’s deep conversation. Yes, she’ll want to chat about Kaleidoscopic. But big, meaningful, deep themes can easily follow. This is one for the mum who wants nothing better than quality time with her grown-up child this Mother’s Day. 

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Why we love it: The first iteration of this frankly glorious Japanese blend was launched back in 1989. Since then it's gone on to win awards, hearts and taste buds all around the world. First of all, it's remarkably balanced. It's also got one of the most luxuriously smooth textures of all whiskies. We love it as both an introduction to Japanese whisky, but also as a treat in its own right. 

Why your mum will love it: If she knows she likes Scotch but wants to explore further afield, this is the whisky to gift. Plus the bottle is stunning. An aesthetically pleasing bottling that will delight both eyes and palate. 

Clase Azul Plata 

Why we love it: Blanco tequilas are gorgeous. Let the agave shine! This elegant expression from Clase Azul achieves just this. It’s vibrant and crisp, with a load of green apple and orange peel notes in with the classic herbal rocket leaf character. It’s a tequila we really rate, and we’re only happy to sing its praises.  

Why your mum will love it: If she’s an agave spirits fan, this is an elevated release that really will go down a treat. Another plus point is its traditional ceramic decanter made by local artisans – it ticks the crafty box that some mums love, too.  

Baldoria Vermouth 

Why we love it: A classic dry, Italian vermouth from the Baldoria brand, celebrated for its rich, complex, botanical forward expressions. It’s versatile and undoubtedly delicious – and we adore how well it mixes for lower-ABV serves. Sip it neat over ice (it weighs in at 18% so even on its own its lighter), or use it in all manner of cocktails. 

Why your mum will love it: If she’s in the market for a treat drink but at a lower strength, serve Baldoria Verdant Spritzes ahead of your Mother’s Day lunch. It’s two parts bitters, one part vermouth, topped with two parts Prosecco to keep the Italian theme. Or soda to cut the ABV even more! Serve in a Highball or wine glass with a wedge of grapefruit. 

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 2014 

Why we love it: In short, this is a stunning Champagne. If you’re looking to really treat your mum and she loves fizz, this is guaranteed to go down a treat. Belle Epoque is the brand’s flagship, and its only made in the years that the cellar master deems the harvest to be exceptional. Aged for at least six years, it’s just utterly exquisite. You’ll win at Mother’s Day with this.  

Why your mum will love it: See above.  

Whatever you drink on 10 March, happy Mother's Day to all the mums!